Organizational Tips for the Homeschool Mom


Diane Kroeker

Have you ever met one of those magical unicorn
homeschool moms that have a perfectly clean
house, a homeschool plan you can only dream of,
and pre planned meals on the table 3 times a day?
I’m not one of those moms! I think they are as rare
as unicorns and most only exist behind filters and
fancy camera angles on pinterest and instagram. But
I have learned a few tips and tricks over 10 years of
homeschooling and 15 years of raising children that
I want to share with you. We’ll discuss planning out
your day without feeling trapped by a schedule, how
to keep your house clean (clean enough) without
cleaning all day every day, how get meals on the
table 3 times a day without feeling like a full time
chef (hint: kids are pretty good at feeding themselves
when they are hungry), and more.

Running the Homeschool Marathon: Ten Training Tips

Zan Tyler

Homeschooling is more like running a 26-mile
marathon than a 100-yard dash. If you want to
complete the race successfully, you must develop a
training strategy that builds your strength, stamina,
and vision and enables you to persevere until the end.
We will discuss lofty topics like creating a powerful and
sustaining vision. And we will look at down-to-earth
topics like pacing yourself, choosing curriculum, and
developing homeschool mentors and friends. Zan Tyler
provides training tips that will help you complete the
God-given task of homeschooling and help you and
your children “run with endurance the race that lies
before us.”

Dad’s Essential Role


Roger Smith

What’s a dad to do? In a busy home, dads often find
themselves being dragged along in all the activity
involving the children. But can it be another way? The
influence of the father can be the thing that helps all
the activity stay on course. Dr. Smith will share ways
he and others have made significant contributions to
the home in the midst of a busy career. This session
will not be an attempt to produce guilt about failures,
but will offer solutions and hope for increasing the
influence of dad in the home, resulting in everyone
being more happy.

Managing Fear in the midst of Chaos


Jan Smith

Fear can paralyze us in the pursuit of something
good. Even avoiding fear does not eliminate it, so we
must attack it a different way. In this session, Jan will
share practical ways that we can manage the fear
that arises and the chaos that accompanies it. A bit
of humor will shed light on the fact that some of our
fears are imagined, while other real issues escape our
notice. Some time-tested tips offered here may help
with the fear, even if the chaos remains.

Raising G Rated sons in an R rated world

Joe Tyler

Joe Tyler discusses the key issues dads face as we
strive to instill a Christ-centered vision in our sons.
Joe addresses the cultural pressures on our young
men and shares practical advice to counter the
culture and instill a vision of purity in our sons and
daughters. Because of the frank and sensitive nature
of this discussion, we request that only men attend.

Fostering an Adventerous Spirit


Roger and Jan Smith

Having watched their children approach life with
gusto, sensing few boundaries, the Smiths will share
some of the things they think made it possible for
their children to think outside the box, and live like
it! Stories from others they know, and examples from
scripture will be used to help make the ideas and
approaches applicable to your home. We all want our
children to be brave. This session will examine what
that may look like in its development.

Laughter is the Best Medicine: Marriage Lessons from Real Life

Joe and Zan Tyler

Come enjoy a refreshing session of encouragement
and laughter as Joe and Zan share candidly about the
ups and downs of married life (including their biggest
fight ever), while focusing on the biblical principles
that have served as the unshakeable foundation of
their marriage. Understanding and embracing the
magnificent biblical vision of marriage is the key to
a vibrant relationship. The Tylers continue to enjoy
their 3 grown children (and their wonderful spouses),
7 grandchildren, and over 40 years of marriage.

Creation in the twenty first century


Alex Scharf

Here we will discuss whether or not this discussion
is still relevant and why it matters. Do we really
“Follow the Science” and base our conclusions on the
evidence? Do facts matter? How do we communicate
with them? How do we sort out confusing messages?
With a focus on critical thinking – who can we trust?
The Slippery Slope.

Is there a Different way? Help me know my Options

Roger and Jan Smith

When getting started, or when change is needed, it
helps to know the options that may be a better fit for
you and your child. This workshop will discuss several
approaches (they all work) and review some of the
curriculum providers in each category. Finding the one
that is a best fit for you and your child will increase
your success and reduce frustration. Information from
this session will enable you to make more confident
choices as you face decisions for education.

Highschool and Beyond and Pre-Requsites

Phil and Trisha Guse

Phil and Tricia provided the entirety of their five
children’s education at home. Tricia was the kids’
teacher until 2014 when she began her practice as a
registered midwife. At this time, Phil took over the
daily oversight of the kids’ education as he continued
to run their farm. At that time their oldest child was in
grade 11 and their youngest was in grade 5. As of 2022
all the kids are still talking to them so it seems they all
survived without too many scars…Please join Phil and
Tricia as they share their joys and challenges, sorrows
and victories in the amazing adventure of home
education, with a focus on high school and beyond.

Prevent IT


Denise Eger

A workshop aimed at helping adults understand it
is their responsibility to protect children and that
children are best protected when they are surrounded
by adults who are educated, attentive, and prepared
to take action…responsibly when a disclosure is made!
With all the media attention on Sexual Abuse these
days, it is an issue we no longer can ignore. It is in
our homes, our schools, our sports clubs and in our

An Educational, Spritual, and Family Revival that begins in your living room – Zan Tyler


From teaching phonics to graduating teens,
from refereeing fights to nurturing faith, our
lives as homeschooling parents run the gamut
from the very mundane to the very meaningful.
In the midst of the mind-boggling demands of
homeschooling and everyday life, we constantly
need to remind ourselves that our work as
homeschooling moms and dads has tremendous
significance in building God’s kingdom. Using the
lessons of Scripture and history, this workshop
will expand your vision of how God is using the
homeschool movement, as well as your specific
work as a homeschooling parent, to usher in
spiritual, educational, and family revival—and to
preserve our American and Canadian heritage.

For the past 35 years, Zan Tyler and her husband, Joe, have been actively involved in
the American homeschool movement teaching and mentoring others. At their speaking
engagements, they take their audiences beyond the demands of everyday life to embrace a
wondrous, life-giving vision of family life. Audiences agree, “Zan and Joe are inspiring, engaging,
funny, full of enthusiasm, encouraging, real, relatable, passionate, uplifting, empowering–