Man of Prayer

Man of Prayer – Standing in the Gap, Leading into Battle, Engaging Spiritual Warfare – Kevin Swanson

A workshop entirely focused on spiritual battle, and the critical element of prayer. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and against powers. . . Fathers/husbands do not realize how effective prayer can be for equipping, encouraging, defending, and upholding their families (and especially, their wives) in the struggle. Homeschooling isn’t easy, and there is spiritual opposition for the moms in the trenches. 

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Come What May: Preparing the Next Generation of Daniels and Esthers

Come What May: Preparing the Next Generation of Daniels and Esthers – Kevin Swanson

Considering that the next generation will be facing a less than friendly world, how can we prepare our sons and daughters to be fathers and mothers (husbands and wives) first, but ready with the faith to take on whatever may come.

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Repairing the Breaches – Healthy Family

Repairing the Breaches: Restoring and Maintaining Healthy Family Relationships – Kevin Swanson

Jesus come to a broken world, and that is nowhere more real than what we find in family life. By God’s grace and Jesus’s redemption, we can repair the relationships that are broken in our homes.  How does this happen?

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Homeschooling or Family Discipleship

Homeschooling or Family Discipleship: Catching the Bigger Vision – Kevin Swanson

The bigger vision of relationships, discipleship, the development of character and faith, and doing life together in the family is much more fulfilling and attractive than merely transferring the school into the home and calling it homeschooling. This is especially helpful as a basic introduction to the homeschool ethos for the new homeschoolers, and a vision refresher for the regulars.

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