Man of Prayer

Man of Prayer – Standing in the Gap, Leading into Battle, Engaging Spiritual Warfare – Kevin Swanson

A workshop entirely focused on spiritual battle, and the critical element of prayer. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and against powers. . . Fathers/husbands do not realize how effective prayer can be for equipping, encouraging, defending, and upholding their families (and especially, their wives) in the struggle. Homeschooling isn’t easy, and there is spiritual opposition for the moms in the trenches. 

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Come What May: Preparing the Next Generation of Daniels and Esthers

Come What May: Preparing the Next Generation of Daniels and Esthers – Kevin Swanson

Considering that the next generation will be facing a less than friendly world, how can we prepare our sons and daughters to be fathers and mothers (husbands and wives) first, but ready with the faith to take on whatever may come.

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Repairing the Breaches – Healthy Family

Repairing the Breaches: Restoring and Maintaining Healthy Family Relationships – Kevin Swanson

Jesus come to a broken world, and that is nowhere more real than what we find in family life. By God’s grace and Jesus’s redemption, we can repair the relationships that are broken in our homes.  How does this happen?

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Homeschooling or Family Discipleship

Homeschooling or Family Discipleship: Catching the Bigger Vision – Kevin Swanson

The bigger vision of relationships, discipleship, the development of character and faith, and doing life together in the family is much more fulfilling and attractive than merely transferring the school into the home and calling it homeschooling. This is especially helpful as a basic introduction to the homeschool ethos for the new homeschoolers, and a vision refresher for the regulars.

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Homeschooling Post Public School

In 2009, Stacy and her husband Ryan made the decision to pull their three oldest kids out of public and private school and bring them home for the remainder of their education.  Stacy and eldest daughter Ariana team up in this session to let you in on what precipitated the difficult decision to pull kids out of school, what happened after and how they wouldn’t change things for the world!  If you are considering home education, have recently pulled kids out of school or even just generally new to homeschooling, come and hear as they share their story and allow time for questions!  You will be encouraged!

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Role of Fathers

Unfortunately homeschooling is usually done during the day when dad is at work and so it becomes ‘mom’s job’.  This doesn’t have to be the case!  The fathers in this session have found ways to include themselves in their children’s education.  Being a support to the main teacher can  be tricky, figuring out who does what even trickier.  Come and see how these dad’s juggle all their roles; including that of a homeschooling father.

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Before You Begin

Starting to home educate can be overwhelming. Whether you are on the fence about home education, just starting off or need to review the basics, this workshop is for you. Join us as a panel of home educators share their ‘how-to’s’ about getting started. Come see how different doesn’t mean wrong. Ask the questions you need answers to like “Am I qualified? How do I prepare? Where can I go for help? What should I avoid? What does Manitoba law require?” This is a free session open to the public. Plan to come and be inspired to start to home educate your way.

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Guiding With Grace: How to Shepherd Your Children Through Trials and Suffering

This is a practical application seminar for parents with challenging homeschool circumstances. As the mother of two children with learning challenges – Dyslexia and severe delays induced medically – this session is born out of experiencing God’s leading and wisdom in the trenches.

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Getting Started: Important Things to Know as You Begin Your Homeschool Adventure

You’d like to home educate, but you have so many questions. Is it legal, sensible or even possible? What about planning, curriculum, teaching methods, and registering? How do I deal with skeptical friends and relatives? And what results can I expect – will my children be properly educated, successful and happy?  We address all these questions, and many more.

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Homeschooling Through High School

Many home educating families don’t continue on through the high school years.  Concerns over college and university admissions, forgone social opportunities, and a possible inability to teach challenging subjects (like chemistry!) dissuade many families. However, homeschooling the high school years can be the most rewarding of all for both students and parents.  Find out how to overcome the challenges and enjoy this special season in your child’s life.

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The $3,250 Piece of Paper

If you want to know how to tackle the preparation of a transcript for your homeschooled highschoolers, then this is the workshop for you!!

Before walking you through the daunting task of preparing the transcript that your student may need for post secondary acceptance, I will explain how post secondary institutions use the transcript.  Step by step, I will show you how I prepared the transcript for each of my three children who went on to post secondary education, each having a unique journey.  You will leave with copies of these transcripts, backup documentation (which could also be referred to as a portfolio of sorts) and samples of other transcripts all of which you may use as a reference as you put together the unique transcripts for your own future grads.

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Strengthening Capacity to Learn Changes Futures

Is recalling names difficult? Or making change? Or perhaps you struggle to read social cues or find the right size storage container for leftovers? Each of these skills is tied to a cognitive function that may or may not be working optimally. When cognitive difficulties pile up, you may receive a diagnosis of dyslexia, dyscalculia or dysgraphia and a plan composed of compensatory techniques to work around each issue is developed. You may use voice to type, or have a scribe write for you, or use a device as your personal post-it note. Unlike typical interventions, the exercises that make up the Arrowsmith Program strengthen someone’s capacity in the targeted area, changing brains functionally and physiologically, so these skills are available to use for more complex tasks like reading, writing, mathematics and being kind to your sibling. Join us to learn how cognitive enhancement can complement the work you do at home, whether online, in-person or independently.

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Manitoba Legal Townhall

This session led by Peter Stock (President of HSLDA Canada) and Gerald Huebner (MACHS legislative Liasion) will review the homeschool legal situation in Manitoba and across Canada and will host a presentation and discussion involving Manitoba Education Homeschool Liaison staff. The MB Ed staff will review new online notification and progress report procedures. There will be opportunities for you to get answers to your homeschool legal questions and concerns.

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Navigating the Curriculum Maze

Do all of the curriculum options overwhelm you? Join Felicia as she walks through the “how-to” on beginning to choose the curriculum for your year. One subject at a time, let’s go through options and talk about specifics of many of the main curriculum programs. Let’s start with the necessities for what your student should complete each year and then talk about any potential electives they can add into their education. Some families do well with freestyling, but if you need a little structure and some concrete knowledge of different curriculum ideas, come and join us.

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Creative Ideas for Preschool and Kindergarten

Are your littlest ones excited to start learning or maybe they just want to drive their toy cars around but you want to teach them some ABCs? Diane will share curriculum and activity ideas that are mostly free or very low cost. A printer, the internet, books, toys, some basic craft supplies, and a little creativity is all you need to make an environment of learning for children 6 and under.

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