Hope for Homeschool Mom

Homeschooling is a grand adventure, but sometimes there are moments or even seasons where we just feel stuck. Or maybe we’ve veered off course. It’s easy to think that changing curriculum for the umpteenth time, making a new schedule, or even throwing in the towel will solve the problem. It usually never does because the problem runs deeper… But there is hope, glorious hope, for us. Let’s rediscover together the secret to enjoying this journey and finishing strong!

Hope for Homeschool Mom (Audio)

Math – What does it take to succeed?

Manitoba’s math students are currently at the bottom of the pack compared to kids in other Canadian provinces. As homeschoolers, how can we buck the trend and graduate students who are able to use math effectively, either at home or on the job? Join us as we consider the answer to that question. We’ll discuss three things that characterize a math student who succeeds. We’ll also look at the four critical components of effective math instruction—components that will not only help you teach math effectively to your kids, but can also guide you in your selection of a suitable math curriculum in the first place.

Math – What does it take to succeed?

Teaching Struggling Learners – Panel

Teaching a Struggling Learner Forum If you find yourself a parent of a struggling learner, messages such as “a ‘real’ teacher could do better,” or “homeschooling doesn’t work” may distract and discourage you. Or the question of “when to trust the experts?” may weigh heavily on your mind. In this session, hear from others with experience teaching (or being) struggling learners. Come prepared to ask your questions and glean from their life-gathered insights.

Teaching Struggling Learners – Panel (Audio)