In Search of the Secret: Road to Contentment

Do you ever wonder what is it that you are searching for, what would make you truly happy?  Living in a homeschooling family is a countercultural lifestyle just as being content is a countercultural value nowadays.  In this seminar, we will search out the secret of the true meaning of contentment and how it is that we can practically work towards this ever elusive paradise in a home that is lived in 24/7 and on a limited income.  Looking at our goals and expectations, our priorities, our stuff, our money, our relationships, we will set out on a journey that will prepare us to not only endure the trials of everyday life as a home educating family but to thrive and to be truly content.

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Enhancing Your Math Teaching

In this seminar we will look at ways to enrich the basics that you are studying in your math curriculum so that your family can move beyond the theoretical study of a pure science into the realm of everyday life through practical application.  Enhancing teaching through the use of games, literature, activities and manipulatives as well as through unit studies, and various subjects, such as science and art, are just starters to helping your family enjoy their math studies.

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Charlotte Mason in Real Life

Integrating the great educational ideals of Charlotte Mason’s philosophy into a real home needn’t be overwhelming or scary.  In this seminar we will talk about the methods that are used to implement this life giving education and which you can use in your home even if you aren’t a dedicated Charlotte Masonite. Miss Mason’s ideals fit into the messy everyday of real life with kids.  As such we will look at how these methods can be used in various subject areas and what a “typical” day might be like while pursuing this style of educating.

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Real Brain Food: Education is a Life

The meat and potatoes of an education are the ideas that we ingest.  While Charlotte Mason considered academics to be only one third of the equation in a full education she also advocated for great breadth and quality in education.  In this seminar we will look at feeding our kids “living books” and at nourishing them on an experiential education.  As a sample menu for this healthy cornucopia of brain food we will look at practical ideas for teaching most academic subjects as well as scheduling ideas.  We will also talk about the best places to dig up great books and about how to choose the right books for your learning time.

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