Technology – Controlling it Before it Controls you

Jim and Vera Louden

Here we will cover what God’s vision is for families,
how parents should be the protectors and gatekeepers
of their home. Come learn how technology can affect
a child’s developing brain and why we should be on
guard. Technology can be a great resource but we
must learn to make it our servant and not let it become
our master. Let us tell you about our journey with our
children and what has worked for us in our home.

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Prevent IT

Denise Eger

A workshop aimed at helping adults understand it
is their responsibility to protect children and that
children are best protected when they are surrounded
by adults who are educated, attentive, and prepared
to take action…responsibly when a disclosure is made!
With all the media attention on Sexual Abuse these
days, it is an issue we no longer can ignore. It is in
our homes, our schools, our sports clubs and in our

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An Educational, Spritual, and Family Revival that begins in your living room – Zan Tyler

Zan Tyler

From teaching phonics to graduating teens,
from refereeing fights to nurturing faith, our
lives as homeschooling parents run the gamut
from the very mundane to the very meaningful.
In the midst of the mind-boggling demands of
homeschooling and everyday life, we constantly
need to remind ourselves that our work as
homeschooling moms and dads has tremendous
significance in building God’s kingdom. Using the
lessons of Scripture and history, this workshop
will expand your vision of how God is using the
homeschool movement, as well as your specific
work as a homeschooling parent, to usher in
spiritual, educational, and family revival—and to
preserve our American and Canadian heritage.

For the past 35 years, Zan Tyler and her husband, Joe, have been actively involved in
the American homeschool movement teaching and mentoring others. At their speaking
engagements, they take their audiences beyond the demands of everyday life to embrace a
wondrous, life-giving vision of family life. Audiences agree, “Zan and Joe are inspiring, engaging,
funny, full of enthusiasm, encouraging, real, relatable, passionate, uplifting, empowering–

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