MACHS Writing Contest


MACHS Writing Contest.
From Ages 12-17!

Hey homeschoolers! You like to write stories, right? You like to read them to your friends and siblings, right? How would you like to win a contest? Announcing the First MACHS Short Story Contest! Anyone from ages 12-17 can submit a story under one of these two categories, and the first place winner in each category will receive a prize that will be announced soon. The winning story and two runners-up will be announced on facebook and the stories will be posted on the MACHS website and in the fall newsletter. Age of participant will be taken into consideration in the judging process.

*True Experience Max 500 Words
*Fictional Story Max 3000 Words

Feel free to add pictures to a true experience, and drawings to a fictional story.
Send your story to [email protected] by Sept. 31st with the Subject line “Writing Contest”. Please Include:

Your full name
Your age (must be in homeschool to participate)
Your town
The category of your story
The name of your story
Your story in a normal, readable font

And a Declaration of Independence that states: “I (name of author) have written this story without help from my parents, (names of parents), and I hereby declare that every word in it is my own, with only occasional spelling help from my Mom and encouragement from my Dad. Signed, (name of author).”