Filling out your June reports? Here’s all you need to know.

*Updated for 2018*


It’s Summer! That means lot’s of outside fun, and a little (or a lot) less homeschooling!
It also means progress reports. They don’t take too long to fill out, so do it today and say hello to summer.

Here’s the easiest way to do it.
1. Open a blank report in your browser here.
2. Fill out the form.  Each text box can be filled out by clicking on it.
3. Click the print button in the top right.
4. In the section titled Destination, click the box that says Change.
5. In the section titled Local Destinations, find and choose Save as PDF.
6. Attach that pdf in an email to [email protected]



June is here, and that means most homeschoolers are waltzing into summer, but before you do, remember to hand in your June reports.

It’s not an ordeal, so don’t worry, and everything you need to know is right here.

Click here for the form to fill out.

Wondering what to include?  Click here to see sample notification forms. These are copies of reports from a few families. You can choose how much information you would like to include.

In summary, Manitoba law requires families to send in three forms:  notification by September 1 indicating course of study for each student, and then January and June reports each indicating satisfactory progress.  There is no requirement for elaboration on checking off “satisfactory progress” for each student’s work.

Send in your June report by June 31, and if you get a note back asking for more information, politely decline, and let MACHS know.

If you want to hear someone describe how it works, here is a short video from Homeschooling 101.

Here is a video from the conference explaining MACHS position on notification forms.