Homeschool Soccer


By Ezekiel Thiessen

Every spring, as if to prove that homeschoolers don’t spend every day all consigned to their dining room tables behind mounds of the latest and greatest homeschool curriculum, a good number of the homeschooled children and teens of Manitoba get out and play soccer!
Taking place every Monday afternoon (weather permitting), young children and teens (5-17) take to the soccer field and prove that while homeschooling isn’t always fun and games, it also isn’t characterized by a complete lack of fun and games! Though we extol the virtues of unified families, those of different ages are, nonetheless, divided up into groups to ensure the safety and well-being of participants.
I attend homeschool soccer as much as I am able, and I have for almost ten years. While I am not an exceptionally good player, or a very ‘sporty’ person, this event gives me the chance to exercise and work together with others. It also gives moms a chance to socialize (or, for those of you who hate that word, have fellowship) and take a break from the kids for a little while.


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