Win a Scholarship to Worldview Academy!

MACHS has been blessed by a generous gift that we would like to pass on to a Manitoba Home School youth aged 13 and up. The World View Academy has donated a scholarship to one of its 24 Worldview Camps in 2019 (locations include Minnesota and other states). The scholarship covers all camp costs with the exception of transportation and has a value of $745 US. A list of camps / date and further information including an information brochure can be accessed at

Many of you will remember Bill Jack who has spoken at our MACHS conference. Bill is a faculty member with the World View Academy. Also a number of homeschooled Manitoba teens have participated in these camps in the past with very positive experiences.

At Worldview Academy Leadership Camps, junior high and high school students, ages 13 and up, are challenged to think hard about their faith. They are treated like real people who wrestle with real issues—and who need answers that match the real world. Each camp features 20+ hours of lively classroom sessions and discussions, which guide students to better understand servant leadership, apologetics/evangelism, and comparative worldviews.
The Worldview Academy experience is unlike any other. Students are taught by inspired teachers, challenged by creative activities, moved by meaningful worship, and welcomed into a community of life-long friends. Students join groups of the same age and gender for the discussion of the big ideas. They are led by college-aged small group leaders from across North America who have dynamic personal relationships with Jesus Christ and the life skills and spiritual maturity to lead students in discussions throughout the week. The six days are filled with laughter, tough questions, biblical answers, and a deepening hunger for Christ.
If you would be interested in attending a World View Academy Camp and applying for this scholarship opportunity, the MACHS board would ask for the teen to write a letter of application (1000 words maximum length). Identifying who you are, some information about you (age, interests, and family), tell us about your homeschool journey so far, and explaining why you would like to attend camp. We would ask that these be sent to [email protected] by April 22, 2019.

Message from MACHS regarding Manitoba Education and Training K-12 review

Message from MACHS regarding Manitoba Education and Training K-12 review

Many of you received an email  from Manitoba Education and Training regarding the provincial K-12 Education review that will begin soon. MACHS will be working with other organizations in encouraging a consistent response from the home school community. A clear and united voice of homeschool families will help in positively influencing the review recommendations.

MACHS is preparing a strategy to ensure that the voice of Manitoba home educating families is strong and clear. The message from MB Ed indicated
“The Manitoba Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education is asking for your thoughts on the future of our education system. Your views and opinions will be an important part of the commission’s comprehensive, independent review of our province’s elementary and secondary education system. This is the first review of its kind in decades.”

We are awaiting details on how the process of providing input will work, such as where in person meetings will be held to hear submissions.
MACHS will be sending you, in the coming days, a briefing document. This will provide your family with sample emails and notes to help you in sending written input along with preparing to speak at in person meetings.

We would ask you to be in prayer as we prepare to make our voice heard as Christian home educating families across Manitoba.


Lessons from the Valley ~ Sonya Shafer

Click here to listen to and download: Lessons from the Valley


After diagnosing her youngest daughter with autism, Sonya found herself in a spiritual valley. Though your valley may look different, the giants that she encountered there may seem eerily similar to your own. Learn what Scriptures the Lord used to help her overcome five giants in the valley: the giants named Fear, Faltering Faith, Uncertainty, Guilt, and Self-Pity.

Homeschooling’s Highest Goal – Lessons from the Story of Job 

Click here to listen and download: Homeschooling’s Highest Goal – Lessons from the Story of Job 

Adam Andrews


Education is not an object we can posses; it’s a state of the heart, mind and soul.  All great leaders share certain attributes in these areas, and Job was one of the greatest! Adam’s unique perspective on Job’s career inspires parents to prepare their own students for leadership.  The lecture sends them away with renewed vision for the liberal arts and practical suggestions for applying this vision in the classroom.



Time to sign up for the 2019 MACHS Graduation Recognition

Are you or your kid graduating in 2019? Along with the special ceremony at Victoria Inn where graduates and their parents will be recognized in front of all the Conference attendees, graduates have a chance to hang out with their fellow grads, and MACHS will be taking professional photos of graduates and their families!  Register now to get early-bird pricing!


Fill in the form below and we will be in touch with more details soon!



Field Day 2018 ~ Pictures

We had another great Field Day weekend this year. Because we are all running around there are not that many pictures. But you can get a sense of the day from the shots and video below.

Gaga Ball!

Hot Dogs for all!

Start with races…

                            And play volleyball late into the night.

Get some of those Steve Demme books that got lost heading for the Conference.

Dear Friends in Manitoba,
As you may remember, we had a difficult time shipping my books to the conference. I had ordered three boxes of books and only one box made it in time for the convention.
Then a few weeks later, I received an email that the missing books finally made it to Canada. Yay!
My printer has already resent the missing books to me in Pennsylvania so these books are available to you in Winnipeg.
After some deliberation with the MACHS board we have decided to offer them to anyone who is interested, with the proceeds being given to GHEC through CCHE. (CCHE is the charitable division of HSLDA Canada and GHEC is the Global Home Education Conference in which Gerald Huebner is involved.)
Here are the books which are available:
20 Speaking the Truth in Love
30 Crisis to Christ
30 Family Worship
10 Hymns for Family Worship
10 His Story My Story
Cost:  $10 each, $15 for 2 books, $20 for 3 books
Payment:  cash or cheque
If you would like to purchase one or more, please email [email protected] to make arrangements.

2017 Field Day!

This post is really late. We promise to get photos from the upcoming 2018 Field day up a lot faster. 🙂

This year’s field day is on the 18-19th of August. Registration will open at the beginning of June. See you there!

Last year we did some sky writing as our unique activity.

Each field day weekend contains a lot of races, sports, and fellowship.

More great memories will be made this year!

Photo credits go to: Rachelle Louden, Caleb Mogilevsky, Lily Friesen, and Carolyn Hamm.

Walking on Eggshells

Ross McCallum

Friday, March 23, 2018 11:00 am

Click here to listen to and download: Walking on Eggshells. 

Do emotions run your home? Do you fear your child’s tantrums, tears and/or terror when the school books come out? Or the chores? Or when you won’t let them put on that shirt that hasn’t fit since Kindergarten? Or… (fill in the blank)? This presentation will discuss how kids learn to regulate their feelings and what you can do to help them move from ruling your roost to ruling their spirit (Prov 16:32).