MACHS Workshop on Completing January Homeschool Progress Reports

Power point is available for download here

Manitoba Homeschooling notification package information

The Manitoba Public Schools Act requires that home educating families submit periodic progress reports to MB Education for a school year (Manitoba Education requests these in January and June and asks for the first report by January 31st).
Do you have questions on how to fill out the January homeschool progress reports?
Are you unsure about what to include in your progress report?

MACHS is hosted a free online workshop to give information and advice on completing progress reports. The workshop will featured Larissa MacDonald, veteran homeschool parent along with two MB Education homeschool liaison representatives Alan Schroeder and Michelle Marchildon.

We addressed questions like:

  • What is required in a progress report? What is the purpose of this report?
  • What about grades or marks?
  • Can I just tick off the box and indicate satisfactory?
  • I am unschooler or don’t use a specific curriculum, what do I put on the form?
  • I received a letter in response to our “notification” that said it was insufficient and I needed to provide more details in the January progress report, how do I do that?
  • My student is struggling in a subject area, what should I write in the report?
  • We are using a semester approach and not studying all 5 subjects at this time, what
    do I do?
  • My child has some special learning needs and is at very different study levels in different subjects, what do I do?
  • I just started to homeschool, do I need to do both a notification and a progress report?