These recordings are all free for you to view. Enjoy information such as homeschooling highschool, grandparents and homeschooling, teaching the Bible, motivating your kids, how to get started, special needs, and much more.

Homeschooling Through Highschool

How to Motivate Your Kids and Dealing with Attitude

Teaching the Bible

Grandparents and Homeschooling

Father’s Role

Special Needs and Homeschooling

MACHS offered 2 evening workshops recently. These workshops were a mix of Manitoba experts explaining legal requirements in Manitoba and homeschool parents talking about their experiences. A questions answer time concluded each evening. The recording are available below.

You Can Do This and It Works!
Home Ed 101 Intro –
Monday Aug 31st, 7-9pm

What is home education? Why do people do this?
Legal requirements and what does research say?
What about socialization? What about friends?
First Steps Panel – advice from veteran home educators
Q&A time

Next Steps
– Home Ed Methods & Curriculum Choices –
tuesday Sept 1st,  7-9pm

What to Use?
Parent panel on home ed methods and styles
What about special needs?
What about high school and beyond?
Getting connected and getting support – support groups and coops
Q&A time