Other resources recommended by parents

MACHS Parent-recommended Favorite Podcasts


MACHS Parent-recommended favorite field trips


MACHS Parent-recommended additional helpful resources

  • Andrew Pudewa recordings – available to MACHS members on machs.ca
  • MACHS Conference
  • Christian comedian who is a homeschooler: Tim Hawkins (funny for new homeschoolers, good icebreaker)
  • HLSDA (American version has different resources than Canadian version) http://www.hslda.org/ (USA) http://www.hlsda.ca/ (Canada)
  • BIGGEST RESOURCE: Talking with other homeschool parents about their journey and what has or has not worked for them.
  • Nature Guide
  • Manitoba Birds
  • Manitoba Animal Track Guide by Lone Pine
  • Asking our Local Librarian to help us find material on certain subjects.

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