The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Panel: Danea Lawrenson, Sylvia Goertzen, Jody Martin, Heather Teichrib, Vera Louden
Friday, March 23, 2018  10:30pm 

Click here to listen and download: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Join us for the Complete Beginner’s Guide, starting with a presentation on the basic homeschooling styles to familiarize yourself with some terminology you might hear thrown around, as well as figuring out how your children’s learning styles could play into your decision. Then, we’ll have a curriculum panel, where moms who have used different types of curriculum will give you an idea of what may work for your family or your child and you’ll have a chance to quiz them.   Finally, we’ll cover some of the difficulties you might encounter:  what to say or not say on your government forms, how to answer grandparent’s questions, how to make it through the really tough days (there will be tough days) and how to get it all done on a tight budget.

Sounds like we must have all the answers…  definitely not!  But we have been there and would love to share some pointers to help you get started on the most challenging, rewarding, amazing adventure God has called you to- taking charge of your kid’s education.