New in 2016

MACHS has developed a new way to automatically become a member– by attending the MACHS annual conference! To streamline conference registration and decrease administrative costs, the MACHS board has unanimously supported that each conference fee include a one-year membership to MACHS. So when you attend our conference, you will receive MACHS membership benefits for one year.

Why Become A Member?
  • To protect your freedom and God-given right to educate your child. A collective voice is essential in consultation with government and other policy-making bodies.
  • To keep informed. The TIMES at Home newsletter is published three times per year and keeps families up to date, as well as providing encouragement and instruction for home educating.
  • To minister to others. In the “me” generation we far too often forget others. “What is in it for me?” for the Christian changes to “what can I do for you?” Be a part of encouraging, helping, and supporting others.
  • To enjoy the benefits: The TIMES at Home newsletter; access to conference recordings; a Home School handbook and discounts in memberships to HSLDA Canada.