Witches and Wizards and Wands, Oh My! ~ Adam Andrews

In this workshop session, Adam Andrews relies on the audience’s familiarity with C.S. Lewis’ classic novel, “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.”  It is recommended that the listener read that work before listening in order to avoid misunderstanding the literary references.

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As fantasy grows ever more popular in our culture, books and movies teem with elements that many Christian parents find objectionable.  How can we equip our children to engage and influence their culture while protecting them from its evils? Adam makes a case for a type of reading that can accomplish both of these goals, and a vision for the Christian imagination that can restore our civilization to its roots in the transcendent God of all worlds, seen and unseen. Will the future of our culture be dominated by fairy tales and fantasy? Will it be ruled by wizards and dragons and enchantments? Help your students become the ones who will decide!