Message from MACHS regarding Manitoba Education and Training K-12 review

Message from MACHS regarding Manitoba Education and Training K-12 review

Many of you received an email  from Manitoba Education and Training regarding the provincial K-12 Education review that will begin soon. MACHS will be working with other organizations in encouraging a consistent response from the home school community. A clear and united voice of homeschool families will help in positively influencing the review recommendations.

MACHS is preparing a strategy to ensure that the voice of Manitoba home educating families is strong and clear. The message from MB Ed indicated
“The Manitoba Commission on Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education is asking for your thoughts on the future of our education system. Your views and opinions will be an important part of the commission’s comprehensive, independent review of our province’s elementary and secondary education system. This is the first review of its kind in decades.”

We are awaiting details on how the process of providing input will work, such as where in person meetings will be held to hear submissions.
MACHS will be sending you, in the coming days, a briefing document. This will provide your family with sample emails and notes to help you in sending written input along with preparing to speak at in person meetings.

We would ask you to be in prayer as we prepare to make our voice heard as Christian home educating families across Manitoba.


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