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Friday, 10:30 am: WORKSHOP 1
Manitoba Legal Townhall
Gerald Huebner

An opportunity to hear the latest in legal and legislative developments affecting home education in Manitoba and to raise your questions regarding your rights and responsibilities as a home educating parent, such as:  How do I answer questions from the Dept of Ed about my reports?  Is the Manitoba government going to clamp down on homeschool freedom?   Sometimes it sure seems like educational law has changed in Manitoba- has it?   This session will be led by HSLDA Board Chair and long-time MACHS Board Member, Gerald Huebner, and will include a presentation as well as a significant time for discussion and your questions.

Friday, 2:15 pm: WORKSHOP 2
The Proven Benefits of Homeschooling
Peter Stock, HSLDA

The proof is in the pudding, and the benefits of homeschooling have stood the test of time. Research continues to show that homeschooled students are successful throughout their postsecondary years and beyond! Find out how home educated students are proving that parents really are the best primary educators. From preschool to high school and everything in between, discover the proven benefits of homeschooling.

Teaching the Bible at Home
Chuck Lawrenson

The priority of many Christian families is passing on a living Biblical faith to the next generation.  Home educating families have great opportunities to invest time in learning the Bible together.  In past conferences, Chuck has presented workshops on teaching the Bible at home, discussing practical methods that grow out of a deliberate philosophy of learning from the Bible itself.  This year, we will include a demonstration approach that is designed to equip you to begin enjoyable and relevant Bible study in your living room right away.  “…they found Him in the temple sitting among them, both listening and asking them questions.”  Luke 2:46.

Reaching the Reluctant Writer
Bryan Rempel

“But, Mom!!!, I can’t write! I don’t know what to write!”  Do you have children (perhaps boys?) who do NOT want to write? Cannot write?  Does this bring tears to your eyes as you ponder HOW to TEACH your child to write? Come join Bryan Rempel as he shares a few tips to help you teach your student the skills of writing. Learn to empower your reluctant writers with concrete tools of HOW to WRITE.

Working with Struggling High Schoolers
Peter Lindsay (vendor workshop:  Tree of Life)

Struggles and learning challenges are common at the high school end of the homeschooling journey. This workshop by Tree of Life will give caring insight and practical suggestions on how to help your struggling high schoolers through this phase of their education. There will be application to a variety of subject areas from literature and writing to science and math. The focus of the workshop is on helping the student to become confident and successful in whatever level or aim of studies they are following.

Friday, 4:00 pm: WORKSHOP 3
Biblical Principles of Communication for the Family
Steve Demme

    Loving God and each other are relationships. Relationships are built on edifying communication. No one can build up, or tear down, more than those that we love the most. In this workshop, we will examine how to hear and understand each other in a safe place.

Read-Aloud School:  How to Have Fun Teaching Literature
Danea Lawrenson

Ever wondered how to teach a book without wrecking it?  Or how to have fun learning Shakespeare?  If you are eager to breathe life into the rest of your school year and longing for an idea to lift the load off your shoulders, come find out how your family can use reading aloud to teach multiple ages and subjects as the foundation of your school day.  Learn how to take the classical style of learning from great minds through reading whole, living books to cultivate a love of reading and give your students a leadership education using literature as your curriculum.

Tackling High School
Heather Teichrib

Does the thought of homeschooling through high school scare you? Does tackling portfolios and transcripts seem too much to handle? Take heart, it’s easier than you may think. This workshop will encourage you with practical insights to finish the race God has called you to!

How Do You Know? Who Was There?
Thomas Bailey  (vendor workshop:  Creation Ministries International)

Can we know about the origins of the earth? Were there any eyewitnesses? If so, did they write about it? Is there evidence to support the written record? Discover what the evidence really shows and what it doesn’t show. See how well the facts line up with the only eyewitness record there is of how the earth began: the Bible. Learn the difference between two major worldviews and why it matters what you believe.

Saturday, 9:00 am: WORKSHOP 4
Fostering Lifelong Learners
Steve Demme

    Sandi and I wanted to give our sons a good foundation in Language Arts and Math, along with a love for learning. Our vision worked, for each of our sons is a lifelong student who is continually learning and growing. We catch a fire from someone who has a fire. This workshop will share strategies for encouraging a passion for learning through books, family excursions, and exposing your family to fellow lifelong learners.

Beginner’s Guide
Danea Lawrenson (moderator) and Beginners Team

In this shorter version of the Beginner’s Guide, we will start with a presentation on the basic homeschooling styles to familiarize yourself with some terminology, as well as figuring out how your children’s learning styles could play into your decision. Then, we’ll have a curriculum panel, where moms who have used different types of curriculum will give you an idea of what may work for your family or your child.   Finally, we’ll cover some of the difficulties you might encounter:  filling out your forms, grandparents’ questions, how to make it through the really tough days, and how to get it all done on a budget.  (for more, see the pre-conference beginner’s track on Friday morning)

Portfolios and Post-Secondary Requirements
Peter Stock/ MACHS Post-Sec Committee

Find out how your child’s Educational Portfolio can accurately display their diligent work at home.  Learn more about provincial requirements for portfolio reviews and evaluations. Gain knowledge on how to prepare and present your child’s portfolio with practical tips. Whether you’ve already started your child’s portfolio, or have some catching up to do, this session will equip you with the right tools to respond to any review or evaluation.  This will be followed by a report of the current findings regarding the requirements for home educated students being admitted to Manitoba post-secondary institutions.

 How Can a Professional Help My Child?
Jacquelyne Wong   (vendor workshop:  Dr. Ian Mogilevsky, C.Psych. and Associates)

This presentation will provide parents with an overview of assessments and how they can help to inform parents about their child. Assessments are especially helpful to those who may be experiencing learning, behavioural, or developmental challenges by helping parents to better understand their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Saturday, 1:00 pm: WORKSHOP 5
Influence of Fathers
Steve Demme

 A plethora of studies have demonstrated the profound impact of fathers on their children. In this session, we will explore the influence of Dads in Scripture and how we can learn from what they did well and where they dropped the ball. God designed men to serve and lay their lives down for their wives and children.

When You Are in the Wilderness
Patty-Jean St Hilaire

Mothering from the wilderness, or a desert place? Patty-Jean share’s some of her own story and tools God has given us to replenish the empty parts, and rebuild the broken places. So He has promised, “I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”

Raising Davids on Goliath’s Battlefield
Vanessa Brobbel   (vendor workshop:  Voice of the Martyrs)

This session will look at the world issues of our time and how they can affect the way we teach our children. History, geography, social studies, and political sciences all point to the same thing: if we hold fear in our hearts, this is what we teach others to live in.

Answers in Genesis – A vision for Canada
Calvin Smith  (vendor workshop:  Creation Resources Manitoba)

Come and hear Calvin Smith share the vision of the Canadian ministry, it’s immediate goals, and the programs that will impact Canadian Christians now and for generations to come.  Topics will include “The Legacy Project”, a comprehensive initiative involving 1) resources to help equip children ages 3-13; 2) Answers Academy Apologetics Boot Camps for youth ages 14-18 and 3) a mentorship/internship program for those entering University and seeking a career in science.  Want to find out more? Attend this interactive session to learn how to be involved in seed sowing for the future!

Saturday, 2:30 pm: WORKSHOP 6
Taking What is Common to the Culture
Bill Jack (for parents and teens together)

…and Turning it into a Pulpit: (Acts 17:22)
From peach baskets to pitching mounds, from movies to museums, from…well, come discover what tools and opportunities you might be overlooking to use in reaching this culture. Practical strategies and insights!

Home Education is not HomeSCHOOLing
Diane Kroeker

Stressed about expensive curriculum? Don’t have a “school room”? Your kids hate workbooks? We will have a few answers for you in this workshop. Diane will be sharing from her experience as a homeschool student of 12 years and now homeschooling mother of 4. She will be discussing free and inexpensive curriculum options, unique homeschooling styles, her struggles and successes over the years, and some of her favorite “tips and tricks”. This will be a practical workshop that will leave you with some new ideas and encouragement.

Memorizing Math Facts Without Tears
Leana Kratko

People, especially children, are visual learners. Approaching math from a visual perspective using an abacus is a sure-fire path to success! Learn how an abacus fosters quantity recognition and develops addition strategies. Investigate place value in a crystal-clear format. Explain “borrowing and carrying” when adding and subtracting numbers. Discover the simplicity of multiplication. Come to this workshop and find the easy way to learn the math facts.

Panel of Parents discussing Specialized Learning Ideas
moderator:  Ian Mogilevsky

Home educating allows parents to individualize the learning activities and environment to best meet the needs of each child.  Please join these parents who will be discussing their specialized learning ideas.  Ample time will be given for questions and comments from the attendees.