Rebecca Spooner

Rebecca Spooner is a second generation homeschool mom to 5 beautiful kids. She is married to an RCMP officer and lives in Northern BC, surviving on an ample supply of coffee and Jesus. She is the creator of Gather ‘Round Homeschool and blogs over at Homeschool On where she shares not Pinterest perfect, but real life chaos. She passionately believes that God is raising up a generation of families who are connected and following Him, and that she (and many others) are called to this path they are on. Her sessions have a simple underlying message: life and life abundantly, no more settling for mere survival, and you can find joy in the journey! You are not here by accident. Come and hear the imperfect testimony of a mom in the trenches with you and be encouraged to persevere!

Rebecca Spooner’s Workshops

Homeschool Organization

10:30 am Friday
Let’s talk about portfolios, record keeping, so so many pencils, the workbox system, bins and crates, children’s desks, spiral notebooks, creating your own planners, time management strategies, file folders, creating student binders and more!
This session will be full of pictures to show you real-life examples of different homeschool organization methods from your books to your
room. Walk away inspired and with an entire list of ideas PLUS a free resource page to learn more about each strategy and how to implement it into your homeschool.

Teaching the Child You Have

1:00 pm Friday – KEYNOTE
In this session, I introduce you to one of my own kids: Malakai. I take you on a journey through this child of mine who is both not what I expected in a “what now” kind of way, but also blows me away with his ability to see things differently. Through my journey with my little rambunctious, not-book-learner son… we’ll talk about homeschooling the kids who don’t fit in the box. How to take off our lenses of expectation and see the heart. Walk away laughing, maybe with a few tears in your eyes, and with practical tips of how to understand the child you have and cater your homeschooling to fit their unique little selves.

How I homeschool All my Kids Together

2:30 pm Friday
Find out how I now use unit studies, morning basket, and nature journaling to homeschool all of my children and all of their subjects (other than math) in one sitting. I’ll share a sample day, an inside look at how I created my own curriculum to work for us, and some strategies you can try to blend even the more challenging subjects like LA.

Homeschooling the Nothing Works Child 

4:00 pm Friday
In this session, I share my journey to understanding my daughter. We’ll talk about the kinds of questions you need to ask, identifying when there might be a problem, and how to address and teach a child who has (or you suspect may have) a learning challenge or disability. Full of practical tips for kids who think and learn outside the box when traditional curriculum just doesn’t seem to work, walk away with some solutions for once!

Spirit-Led Homeschool

9:00 am Saturday
Feeling dry, discouraged, easily angered or impatient, unmotivated or like you aren’t cut out for this? Jesus tells us in John 10:10 that He came to bring life and life abundantly! Where is this abundant life in the stress and chaos of homeschooling? We know that we have an enemy, and he is on the prowl for our peace, our joy, our marriages, our kids! It’s time to stop surviving and start going on the offence: suit up mama! This session is about life, about following God’s calling, about recognizing the lies we believe, and watching the words that we speak over ourselves and our homes. The victory has been won; it’s time to walk in it!

Homeschool Challenges

1:00 pm Saturday
Whiny kids, a messy house, all your kids needing you at once, feeling disorganized, disliking your curriculum, not having support, lacking motivation… these are just some of the many challenges that homeschool moms face. It’s time to stop talking about them and do something about it! You are going to walk out of this room with a printed list filled with strategic plans of action for some of the top struggles we face as homeschoolers.
This session is not for the faint of heart! I’m going to be sharing some of my own horror stories, both as a homeschooled child and as a homeschool mom of 5. No matter what challenges you are facing, leave equipped with a game plan to stop being overcome by these challenges and start rising above them! You are not a victim to your homeschool day; let’s take charge!

Confessions of a Recovering Type A Homeschooling Mom

2:30 pm Saturday
When I first started homeschooling, I was Type A to the core. I was driven, I had a schedule printed for every member of my family (including my husband) for every 15 minute increment. I knew what I wanted and how I was going to get there. But then I had more kids. One by one they came, and day by day I lost control of the little world I had tried to create. I wanted tests, I wanted grades, I wanted desks and recess and workbooks. But my reality was total chaos… I couldn’t merge the two and felt like an utter failure. Sound familiar?
Today I identify as a mostly Charlotte Mason, relaxed homeschool style, but that journey didn’t happen overnight. It happened when year after year, day after day, my reality collided with my expectations. Bring a coffee, some tissues, and settle in to hear my story. It’s full of failures and mistakes and regrets, but also victory and hope and anticipation of something new. You’ll walk away with a handout of my top tips to help you let go of the need to “do it all” and find peace and yes, even joy, in the journey.