Thank you for coming to the 2018 MACHS Conference!

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8:30 Registration opens
9:00 Pre Conference Tracks Begin
9:30 Exhibit Hall opens.
10:30 Complete  Beginner’s Guide, Legal Town Hall & Teen Track begin.
11:30-1:00 Lunch
1:00 1st Keynote
2:15 Workshop 2
3:15-4:00 Break
4:00 Workshop 3
5:00-6:30 Supper
6:30 Exhibit Hall closes and Keynote Prelude begins.
7:00-8:45 HSLDA report and Keynote
9:00-10:30 Film Fest in Prairie Hall


8:30 Exhibit Hall & Registration open
9:00 Workshop 4
10:00-10:30 Break
10:30 3rd Keynote
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Workshop 5
2:00-2:30 Break
2:30 Workshop 6
3:30 Exhibit Hall closes
3:45 Grad Recognition and Closing keynote!

Prairie HallWisdomKnowledgeUnderstandingTeen Track
Special Track 19:00 AM
Before You Begin
How Your Child Thinks
Special Track 210:00 AM
Complete Beginner's Guide
How Your Child Thinks
Special Track 311:00 AM
Complete Beginner's Guide
Walking on Eggshells
Workshop 110:30 AM
Manitoba Legal Townhall
Wizards vs Wiseman
Keynote1:00 PM
Crisis to Christ, the Journey of a Husband and Father
Workshop 22:15 PM
The Proven Benefits of Homeschooling
Teaching the Bible at Home
Working with Struggling High Schoolers
Reaching the Reluctant Writer
Tearing Up Tracks
Workshop 34:00 PM
Communication for the Family
Read-Aloud School
Tackling High School
How do you know? Who was there?
Follow Christ? It’s just a ‘FAD!’
Keynote7:00 PM
The Divine Blueprint for Building a Family of Faith
Workshop 49:00 AM
Fostering Lifelong Learners
Beginner's Guide
Portfolios/Post Secondary
How can a Professional Help my Child?
Which Bias is the Best Bias?
Keynote10:30 AM
The Family That Stays Together Stays Together
Workshop 51:00 PM
Influence of Fathers
When You Are in the Wilderness
Raising Davids on Goliath's Battlefield
Answers in Genesis - A vision for Canada
Seven Habits
Workshop 62:30 PM
Common to the Culture (Acts 17:22)
Home Education is not HomeSCHOOL
Memorizing Math Facts without Tears
Specialized Learning Q&A
Common to the Culture (Prairie Hall)
Keynote3:45 PM
Pass the Salt, Please


High School
Specialized Learning
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